Product Updates: April 2019
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Reporting Enhancements

Scheduled Reports

Are you and your clients taking advantage of the powerful Reports capability in Wealth Access to easily create and run custom reports on demand?  If so, you are already aware of the ease of report generation and the depth of the reporting available.  With this release, in addition to the current on-demand report process, client reports can be configured to run at pre-determined times or on a recurring schedule.  These reports will automatically generate as scheduled and be delivered directly to the client’s Document Vault.

Tax Lot Reporting

Clients of FIS GlobalPlus are now able to view all tax lot data on holdings and transactions of managed accounts.  This includes Realized and Unrealized Gains/Losses views and Cost Basis information for Advisors and Clients.

Advisor Updates

Client Transaction Information

Client transaction details are now available directly in the Client details view of Advisor portal.  Access to the client transaction list and details directly from the Advisor portal without the need to access the Client portal makes this critical information easier and faster to access.

Broadcast Messaging

Advisor / Investor communications is a critical component of the overall client experience and Wealth Access provides several tools to aide in this communication.  Advisors now have the ability to configure system-wide notifications for banner display in the Client portal.

Advisor Notifications of Client Activity

We have added automated Advisor notifications to help Advisors stay on top of Client held-away account connection issues and Client support requests to the Wealth Access Support team.

Integration and Data Acquisition Updates

Informa Performance IQ Integration

Wealth Access continues to focus on delivering business value through automated integrations with other key elements of an Advisor’s technology set.  With this release we are announcing performance reporting integration with Informa Performance IQ (Investment Scorecard).

FIS WebLink Integration

An option for a fully immersive Client portal integration with FIS WebLink allows clients of FIS to offer all of the capabilities of the Wealth Access Client portal directly within a new tab in WebLink.

Quicken Integration

Wealth Access now offers support for integration with Quicken.  Each integration with Quicken will have unique requirements that include Advisor Quicken licensing, custom programming / data mapping, and a formal certification process for each firm.  If you are interested in Quicken integration, please contact Wealth Access Support regarding costs and timing.

Orion Asset Classifications in Wealth Access

Wealth Access integration with Orion continues to expand.  Wealth Access can now auto map asset classifications from Orion directly into Wealth Access, saving firms significant set-up and configuration time and effort.

Additional Direct Data Feeds

Data acquisition across a variety of data sources is a key value-add for Wealth Access and a driver of Advisor efficiency.  Wealth Access now supports 24 direct daily data feeds form various systems.  This release we add direct bulk data collection from Pershing and LPL.  In addition, we have facilitated select direct banking data feeds in support of our bank-affiliated client firms.

Usability Enhancements

On-going investments in usability enhancements helps to keep the client experience fresh and valuable.  In this release Wealth Access has included over 20 usability enhancements in the Client Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, and Dashboard reporting areas.  These include new grouping options, global dashboard controls, collapse and expand all options, and adjusted default values.

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